ClubFEM Orlando

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Welcome to -ClubFEMOrlando-

We are a private upscale membership club that promotes the company of strong, successful and intelligent Female Dominants and the males who desire a Power Exchange connection with strong Dominant Women. It is Our personal belief that the Female Dominant/male submissive relationship dynamic is the only lifestyle that is a complete role-reversal from the cultural norms and expectations that bombards us from every direction. Dominant Women and submissive males risk much by expressing their true unique, often hidden, desires and it takes great courage to let this come out and be who you truly are.

ClubFEMOrlando is about both the Female Led Relationships and the service of a submissive male to his Female Dominant. 

First; a word about D/s (Dominance / submission) versus BDSM. To some Women, being Dominant means having a male at Her service for such things as house cleaning, massages, manicures/ pedicures, etc.  To other Women, dungeon scenes using BDSM equipment such as whips, paddles, canes, and ropes are Their ways to enjoy Female Domination.  BDSM describes Sado-masochistic behaviors which are not necessarily desired by all Women who dominate males. It is important for potential new members to realize these differences and understand that a Domina may choose one or a combination of both to achieve Her fulfillment. This also applies with the interests of male submissives. It is strongly encouraged to be familiar with all aspects and interests within the lifestyle, as different as they may be. The primary focus of this Club is to provide a variety of activities and behaviors between Dominant Women and submissive males.

As Head Mistress of this Orlando chapter, My mission is to promote, educate and mentor those in search of healthy, sincere Female Dominant/male submissive relationships. I cannot guarantee that each and every one of you will find that perfect Mistress or male submissive for you within this chapter. What I can offer, however, is the opportunity to get to know others seeking the same, find out who they are, why they are what they are and what they seek in their D/s relationships. That knowledge, networking and experience will make Y/you a much more desirable Dominant or submissive male.

HM Donrosni 

Remember - Happy Mistress, happy male